So far, our project has been awarded with Quality Labels in Spain, Poland and Sweden. 

Welcome to our eTwinning project Blog!
Our project is titled:

Alt ImageLet's e-Celebrate!

We are a group of teachers and students from 4 different countries who have joined an eTwinning Project to share our ways of celebrating.

This is our final Project Proposal: Project Proposal PDF File

On this blog we will be publishing photographs, videos and presentations that will help us to get to know each other's culture better. 

We will be working together using this blog and other online apps to collaborate and contact each other, commenting on world known celebrations and on our local celebrations, as well.

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  1. Gracias Patricia de tu ayuda con videos, son muy estimados e educativos.

    1. Gracias a ti Gun, por participar y compartir junto con tus alumnos.